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About Us

Local Ownership

From installation to account management, our local staff can assist with all aspects of your Broadband Service.

Installation and Repairs

Because all of our employees are in the community, we can troubleshoot and repair any problems quickly and effectively using our trained staff.  We want the system to perform at it's best because we're not just staff, we're also customers!

Competitive Pricing

Our packages and pricing are competitive with other services across the country, even in places with many different providers.  With our high data packages, we provide a service that works for you!


Broadband Packages

Choose one of our two data plans to suit your needs. 

The 5 mbps Lightning Plus with 200GB of data for $99.95 monthly

Or  Lightning 5 mbps with 50 GB of data for $79.95 monthly.

Installation Cost of $250 or free with a one year contract.

 *all packages set 5 mbps Down and 1 mbps Up.

Fall of 2017 Ribbon Cutting

Community Wide Coverage

With the recent construction of additional towers, made possible by funding through a partnership with the Connecting Canadians Program, we are able to provide coverage to all areas of our community.  

Pictured - Shawn Scribe, Manager, cuts ribbon for NHCN Broadband new expansion .  Chief Ron Evans pictured far right.

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We're Here to Help!

NHCN Broadband

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(204) 359-4022


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

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